The mind is fascinating as is the world perceived. I have been attracted to the limits since my mid teens. In my teens I had two questions. The first was, ‘where does mind come from – can you look back inside yourself and find it?’. And , the second was ‘what makes mind make matter move?’ and ”what makes matter make mind move?”. These questions turned me towards meditation and physics.

My personal experience was that meditation on where mind comes from led to a realisation that wherever mind comes from it comes from beyond sensate experience and conceptual thought and probably from beyond the cognizable.

Also I discovered that the connection between mind and matter as manifest in animal form is subtle and beyond my current ability to discern. But there is quite a lot said about it. I suppose it could be called psycho-physical dynamics.

One approach to looking at this connection is to consider how the physical world is and then the mental world and then the connections. Well physics is the study of the physical world the world of space, energy, matter and time. If we look at the history of this study from Galileo through Newton, Michelson and Morley and Plank and Einstein to Dirac and Feyman; physics has changed and the picture of the mind has followed this.

Now physics is underpinned by matter waves that we infer from events like the adsorption of a photon by an atom.We know quite a lot about the events that arise in physics but its all a bit magical down there in itzi-bitzi space and time.