This site is about exploring everything from the point of view of Constraints and the entities,forms, that consequently arise. Well everything that is perceived by mind of affects mind. Constraints change.

We start by considering what an unconstrained condition might mean.


We are looking at a realm that considers everything from the relatively unconstrained limits of imagination through to the dynamics of mental states in a corporate body and on to the dynamics of matter, light and gravity fields.

mind and matter from the perspective of constraints, paths and goals in Buddhism and Physics. You can read how and why I’m turning my attention to this at: Https://

My starting point in this investigation is two fold. On the one hand is the view of the mind in Buddhism as being conditioned, samsaric, its goal of enlightenment and its path of Ethics, Mediation and Wisdom.

On the other hand is the principle of least action at the core of Physics. In this view of mater we start with Paul Dirac’s lectures on Quantum mechanics and interacting fields underpinning particles and forces. In this view Dirac outlined an approach to formulating field wave equations for particles starting with the Lagrangian equation for action in terms of a path of least static action from an initial state to and final state (goal) and from there formulated as an Hamiltonian that follows the progression through time.

In both views, of Mind and Mater, there are no entities. In Buddhism mental events manifest , through conditions, out of the unknowable and unimaginable, while physics starts with its (potentially) self consistent interplay of fields but it seems to me does not ask from where these emerge other than each other.